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The second edition of Dr. Claudia Anrig’s wonderful textbook “Pediatric Chiropractic” will be available in early November. Pre-order a copy at a discount price on our Amazon Associate page and Amazon will tithe 4% of the proceeds back to chiropractic research.

With its academic and clinical approach, the second edition of Pediatric Chiropractic provides the Family Wellness Chiropractor the tools they need to adjust infants, children and pregnant women with confidence. Through the cooperation of over 40 international experts, this new edition adds several techniques including SOT, Thompson, Logan, Upper Cervical, Craniosacral, instrument assisted adjusting and remains the leading resource for the Gonstead technique as a method for adjusting children and pregnant women.

Exploring several areas of clinical importance, the second edition addresses neurology, primary care, vaccination issues, adolescent health and specialty practices including Sensory Processing, Motor and Developmental disorders. As a resource for the Family Wellness Chiropractor, this second edition is unrivaled. Now over 50% bigger it includes 13 additional chapters, over 400 new pages and 250 more illustrations. (1202 pages)

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