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Chiro.Org is the largest and most visited non-commercial chiropractic website on the planet. It was founded in March 1995, during the infancy of the internet. At the time Ed Merrifield registered our domain there were less than 10,000 websites worldwide. Ed created a workspace where volunteer chiropractors could support our profession by gathering knowledge and tools to help us all improve patient care and to grow our practices.

We started a Blog in 2009 and although it has been a popular attraction, we are MUCH MORE than that. We have continued to compile (and archive) peer-reviewed articles and to date have thousands of Abstracts, and almost as many Full-Text articles, on a wide variety of subjects.

We have numerous sections some of which you can see scrolling on this page. And you can get to them all by using our comprehensive menu above.

While the other sites attempt to sell you a membership, or a service, our sole interest is compiling all the best peer-reviewed literature, to help you improve patient care and grow your practice.

We are all this…and more!


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Welcome to Chiro.org - the best Chiropractic website for news and information! If your browser does not show you drop down menus at the top of the page, you can navigate our web site using the site map.

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Most Links Pages point to materials on someone else's website.
Chiro.Org's LINKS Section is different !

As early as 1997, the LINKS was collecting abstracts and Full-text articles onto our own server. Over the years, most of those materials have coalesced into topical pages, which now gather related materials into one convenient reference location.

Our Low Back Pain Page and the Whiplash page are just 2 examples.

There are many new topical additions recently added, so drop on by and take a peak:

The LINKS just begat...newest

Six new Sections, with their very own Search tools! Check out:

Cost-Effectiveness of Chiropractic
Headache and Chiropractic
Low Back Pain and Chiropractic
Stroke and Chiropractic
What is the Chiropractic Subluxation?
Whiplash and Chiropractic

Enjoy them all!