An Invitation

If you are reading this you are an above average Chiropractor, well… at least you stand out in a crowd. Many visitors use the resources at this web site, but very few are willing to join us in helping to give back to the profession. Very few are willing to spend a few hours a month to contribute something of value, something which may make life easier for the rest of the profession, or something which may increase the health of a Chiropractic patient.

We are a group of Chiropractors from locations throughout the world. We have met through the internet, and have a common goal: to help our profession by sharing tools and information through the use of today’s technology.

We invite you to join Us. Become someone who is willing to contribute.

If you have any particular interests, let us know! You don’t have to be HTML literate. After a while you probably will become “web page” savvy, but it isn’t necessary. We are volunteers who help each other and welcome everyone with a positive, non-partisan spirit. We hope to hear from you soon.

The best way to help out is to visit our website, register and then email us below.

Welcome and thanks for your support.

Joe Garolis, D.C. – Forms section

John Wiens, D.C. – Site design, graphics section

Michael Beattie, D.C. – Advertising Sales Manager, Abstracts, Journals, and technical management.
For questions about sponsorship, please read our Sponsorship Page first. We are not equipped to answer questions by phone, but we are happy to respond to your sponsorship questions by email.

Frank Painter, D.C. – Content, including Acupuncture,   Alt-Med Abstracts,   Case Studies,   Chiropractic Assistants,   Chiropractic Research,   ChiroZine,   Computers,   Documentation,   The LINKS,   Medicare,   New DCs,   Nutrition,   Pediatrics,   Radiology,   RC Schafer Archive,   Stroke, and Vertebral Subluxation

Dan P – Manager for inquires not listed above.