Have You Visited the LINKS Section Lately?

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Our Blog is designed to cover current news and reviews, but it’s just one of more than 20 Sections of our website. Perhaps it’s time for you to revisit (or discover for the first time) the full spectrum of our archival website. I’ll start with my favorite, and then mention all our other sections.

The LINKS Section is our most diverse section, providing massive content on topics as diverse as the Safety of Chiropractic, to specific topical pages devoted to Antibiotic Abuse,  Backpacks and Children, and the Cost-Effectiveness of Chiropractic.

Many of our main sections, like Acupuncture, the , Chiropractic Assistant and the Chiropractic Documentation Section started in the LINKS, and finally grew into separate and unique sections.

Since the early days, pages like the Nutrition Section have evolved into research tools accessed thousands of times a month. The Pediatrics Section details the evolution of care for children, and contains 125 articles by chiropractic pediatric leaders in the Kids Need Chiropractic, Too! page.

The easiest way to review all our sections is to check out our Site Map to locate all the materials archived on our site since 1995.

You will also enjoy using our Search Section, because it is a very easy and accurate tool for locating specific materials of interest.

All our sections can now be easily accessed from the Pages and Resources lists, located conveniently on the left-hand (tan) border of the Blog home page. Enjoy!

There’s a lot more info like this in the Section