The Evidence-based Poem

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SOURCE:   Dynamic Chiropractic

Louis Sportelli, DC

As I sit to write this verse,
I think of the blessing and the curse,
That we may climb this slippery slope,
Between rational thought and offering hope,

To make the care our patients receive,
Based on more than just what we “believe,”
To search for the best approach to care,
And all the decisions doctors/patients share,

The gentle touch, the caring hand,
Coupled with knowledge to clinically expand,
As patients recognize the new approach to health,
The rewards will be measured by more than wealth,

A changing paradigm, refocused on need,
Making patients our interest and eliminate greed,
The world will see chiropractic anew,
And patients will believe in what we say and do,

For up to now a profession torn,
By silly disputes old and worn,
By refocusing on patients’ needs,
Chiropractic will be certain to succeed.