Changes Are Afoot

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SOURCE:   Chiro.Org Editorial

When I first started compiling materials on Chiro.Org, I added materials to the LINKS section, where I got my start.

Over time, when enough material was compiled on a particular topic, I created a Topical Page to house them. As of today, the LINKS contains 95 different Topical pages.

My mentor Mark Street cobbled together a Search Tool that we configured to search within a specific section, rather than the whole website, so that it was easier (and faster) to find specific materials.

Finally, our 2 biggest Sections (the LINKS and the Research sections) became so big that Marks search tools took too long to scroll through all those materials.

So I have just created 6 new “sections” to house the largest topical collections, and they now have their own search tools. Because of that, all the other Sectional Search Tools are operating much more quickly.

Here’s what was created:

The LINKS section gave birth to 4 new sections:

And research gave birth to 2 new Sections;

So why not drop by our Search Section and enjoy reviewing any specific topics you may be interested in?

You may also want to re-visit our LINKS Section and our Research section, because they both point to our vast collection of Topical pages.