Has Your Doctor Been Trashed on the Internet?

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SOURCE:   MedScape

Trashed on the Internet: What Should You Do?

Business rating websites like Angie’s List flourished during the early commercializing of the Internet, but recently websites that rate doctor’s performance have sprung up.

John Swapceinski, co-founder of RateMDs, a Sunnyvale, California-based physician rating site, says that 70% of posters express satisfaction with their physicians. But as Kenneth Harkavy, a pediatrician in Reston, Virginia, points out, “Satisfied customers rarely make the effort to spread good news, while dissatisfied customers will share with as many people as they can. As a result, a compilation of submitted reviews will tend to be biased, usually to the negative.”

Oh my! Only 70% of posters liked their doctor?

This article makes some sound recommendations for researching what may have been said about you and your practice. I hope you will find this material of value. You will want to review this article: “Trashed on the Internet: What Should You Do?”.